Thursday, April 26, 2001

hHello everyone..... Well tuesday i dropped LSD for the first time...It was very exciting i felt as though i was a child who was learning and experiencing new situations...i was extatic and halucinating at the same time...a great feeling. i saw colors and spots also everything was bright and envigorating to the senses. I felt as though i was in a feild of dreams when i peeked after 6hours, the whole trip lasted 10hours (7pm-5am). I read when i was tripping and i got really into the novel its now thursday and im on page 100 and because of LSD i promised myself id read everyday from hereforth. I remembered how much i enjoyed reading and felt bad that i had stopped reading so much. Well tomorrow (friday) im going to NJ to take some headshots for a magazine they will pay me $100 a shot, lets just hope i get to have more than one picture taken. Well my comments on acid are....1. take acid when your are not depressed and 2. Only take acid every 4months at most and make sure you have a trip sitter. My plan is to take some money tomorrow and buy another tab for the summer just incase i lose the connection, it will be a treat on a summer day when i ahve nothing planned :). Well goodnight all, Im off to research some stuff on mushroom's( ooo sounds like the next adventure in my drug game).